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  • Big Name Fan: While not as big as most examples of this would apply, Mike is a fan of CuteFuzzyWeasel, Retsupurae, and All of Vinesauce.
    • This is noticeable when Mike decided to do Bob Ross paints with Super Mario maker After Joel inspired him to.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Joked around on. Despite there being no official name for Mikes fanbase, Mike joked around in a couple of streams suggesting them to be called in his own words "Zombies" and "Faggots".
  • Fan Nickname:
    • For Bern: QPKastel due to the recent 100% Orange Juice craze and Bern's obsession with pudding is similar to QP from OJ and QP Shooting.
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    • For Albert: Fat Albutt.
    • For Popeye: "Poopeye".
    • For Jabberjaw: "Jabby".
    • For the Trolls. They're commonly called to or referred to as "Albert" because of Alberts infamy in the streams, some people believing that every single troll that has ever existed in the streams is Albert, and/or to mock the trolls by comparing them to Albert.
  • Fandom Nod: Mikes streams thrive on referencing his own fans and what they do.
  • Missing Episode: A streams have went missing from Mikes and others. This is far notable when Twitch decided to take away the ability to save Past Broadcasts and purged peoples streams. A large majority of Mikes streams and a few of Ambush Bugs streams were eventually saved and archived but everyone elses were lost resulting in them either go missing or in AB's case, forced to restream the games.
    • There are other notable non-purge examples too. Mikes Your Star stream went missing because he forgot to save it, his Mermaid Swamp stream was missing because he was depressed the other time and the November 1st and 2nd 2015 streams were missing because people forgot to archive them.
    • Due to Internet issues on most of the Archivers side, every part of the Mario: The Music Box stream got purged and disappeared. To many people though, this is a good thing.
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  • Promoted Fanboy: A huge amount of chat regulars can be seen as this with Mike giving them attention and eventually welcoming them as regulars.
  • Series Hiatus: For a small while, it was an on-and-off hiatus for Mikes streams when he got a trucking job that ended up making him drive all over America delivering stuff and it took weeks, even months before he got to stream again. In the end, Mike decided to take a local trucking job after disliking his employers and got to stream regularly again.
  • Trolling Creator: Pretty much Mike in a nutshell.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Mikennemonic wiki created by Bern.

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