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You wake up and find yourself in a strange place. Perhaps an empty field, a strange building, the middle of the street, a large fountain with a bunny statue on it, or even a lake. Wherever it is, it certainly is not where you last fell asleep. And you even got a welcoming gift. It looks like a cellphone. More specifically, it's a Blackberry ripoff Dreamberry that works not only as a phone, but you can also view other people's dreams with them.

Somarium was a panfandom Journal Roleplay hosted on LiveJournal. It eventually fizzled out around 2012.

This game provides examples of:

  • Dream Land: Somarium is sometimes described to newcomers as a "world of dreams". Which leads to...
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  • All Just a Dream: Characters who are dropped are said to just "wake up" in their real world as if nothing happened.
  • Dream Within a Dream: If the two above tropes turn out to be correct, then the Dream Posts over the in-game network are this.
  • Halloweentown: Somarium became this during Moon Cycle 38 to Moon Cycle 41
  • Level Ate: Somarium became this during Moon Cycle 45.
  • Lunacy: Events and environment changes are signaled by phases of the moon.
  • Name Order Confusion: Defied. Applications and forms require character names to be filled with given name first, family name last.


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