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Trivia / Never Say Never

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  • Approval of God: The two pieces of fanart found in the Image Links have been greatly appreciated by hunterofcomedy.
  • Creator's Favorite: hunterofcomedy admits Celestia Lunderberg is his favourite character from the game. While he does downplay some of her Lack of Empathy moments and gave her a more sympathetic motive, she's still the least sympathetic culprit in the story so far. Not to mention he gave her a well deserved Humiliation Conga for her attempted murder against Taka and for betraying the group for selfish reasons.
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  • Creator's Pest: One of the reasons why Hiro is on the receiving end of so many jokes is partially because of this trope. He doesn't necessarily hate him, but he doesn't like him either.
  • Line to God: hunterofcomedy has a Twitter account, a youtube channel and a Twitch channel.
  • Schedule Slip: Starting Chapter 3 Act 15, the update schedule has slowed down significantly ever since due to a combination of real-life problems and the story becoming increasingly difficult to write as a result of canon divergence.
  • Word of God: The reason why Chihiro is a transgender girl in the story is that it was hunterofcomedy's interpretation he had on the character by just completing the main game, he hadn't played School Mode yetnote . By the time he found out about it, he was already written too much of the story to go back to rewrite it and just decided to keep it.
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  • Write What You Know: hunterofcomedy is a professional actor, as such he has the personal experience which he can put on characters that use facade like Celeste, Mukuro, Sayaka, etc.

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