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Trivia / Never Say Never

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  • Approval of God: The two pieces of fanart found in the Image Links have been greatly appreciated by hunterofcomedy.
  • Creator's Favorite: hunterofcomedy admits Celestia Lunderberg is his favourite character from the game. While he does downplay some of her Lack of Empathy moments and gave her a more sympathetic motive, she's still the least sympathetic culprit in the story so far. Not to mention he gave her a well deserved Humiliation Conga for her attempted murder against Taka and for betraying the group for selfish reasons.
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  • Line to God: hunterofcomedy has a Twitter account.
  • Schedule Slip: Starting Chapter 3 Act 15, the update schedule has slowed down significantly ever since due to a combination of real-life problems and the story becoming increasingly difficult to write as a result of canon divergence.

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