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Spoilers are unmarked.


  • Leon can never have his sandwich. Never.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

  • Mondo's War on Pillows.
  • When Mukuro is sneaking around the school to keep an eye on things, several things end up going wrong.
    • Aoi finds Alter Ego in the girl's locker room, and mistakes her for Chihiro's disembodied head, causing her to scream in terror.
    • As she runs away in a panic, Aoi then runs into Mukuro, who is disguised in all black and wearing a strange mask, causing her to run away screaming once again.
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    • This noise attracts Sakura and Mondo's attention, and the Martial Artist and Biker Gang Leader end up getting in a short fight with the disguised Mukuro, forcing the Soldier to hide in the hidden room in the boy's bathroom.
    • How does Mukuro manage to get back to her room undetected? She uses a cardboard box to distract Mondo and retreat back to her room, before collapsing on top of her bed.
    • Best of all is Mukuro's reaction to the events, as the fearsome Ultimate Soldier who has never gotten hit once on a battlefield is completely caught off-guard and panic-struck by the whole affair.
    Mukuro: Holy… shit… those… two… can… run…!!
  • We are treated to a scene between Leon and Sayaka, and the two exchange some very... intimate words. At first, it seems like Leon and Sayaka have finally decided to get down and dirty, only to reveal that Sayaka was making Leon her signature 'Super Double Meat Triple Decker Sandwich'
    • The implication that Sayaka normally eats these kinds of sandwiches is nothing if not giggle-worthy.
  • Chihiro apparently has some very naughty thoughts towards Asahina, as well as other comments towards the others in Alter Ego's files.
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  • Celeste reveals she knows what a Yandere and Tsundere are, and corrects Yamada on them regarding herself.
    Celeste: What? I've read manga.
  • When Celeste reveals her motive, Hifumi is understandably displeased.
    Celeste: My dream…was to live in a beautiful European castle, where I would be waited on, hand and foot, by a personally selected group of butlers/bodyguards… all dressed in eloquent vampire-esque apparel. There, I would spend the remainder of my life in the lap of luxury, a world of my own making…a place where Celestia Ludenberg… would be the center of the universe.
    Hifumi: You tried to kill me for that?! Witch! Burn her! She tried to kill me for a big fancy house—!
  • Taka and Mondo are kinda humorously scared of Chihiro when she finds out that Yamada had taught Alter Ego some...naughty stuff. And she starts to have some not-so-friendly thoughts towards the Fanfic creator...

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