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Heartwarming / Never Say Never

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In the In Medias Res beginning, Junko outs Mukuro as a participant in putting her classmates in the situation they are in. To her shock though, everybody stands up for her, even Togami.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

  • Despite many chapters of playing the Ice Queen, Sayaka finally apologizes and reconciles with Makoto.
    • Adding to it is the hug they and Leon share, solidifying themselves as True Companions.
  • Chihiro forgiving Mondo, despite his actions in the previous chapter.
  • Taka and Mondo making up, and later on, Chihiro reuniting with Alter Ego.
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  • Chihiro and Mondo Finally letting the air go out between them and they start bonding over their shared hatred of Byakuya and Monokuma.

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