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  • Deleted Scene: One of Zaros and Ariane's conversation, where he expands on his travels to Infernus, Vampyrium, his opinions on other gods, and his reason for why he was so opposed.
  • I Knew It!: In Revelations, Bryce tells Azzanadra about everything that happened in Heart of Stone, and he mentions the five elder gods, and their five mouthpieces. There's one for each god currently residing in Gielinor, but the fifth one Mah never made it. Azzanadra silently speculates if it could mean whether Mah would eventually make her way to Gielinor, or it it's for a sixth Elder god, despite how implausible that sounds. Revelations was written in July of 2015. A month later, The Light Within gets released and we find out there really is a sixth Elder.
  • What Could Have Been: Word of God has stated that the story was originally going to be a oneshot called Secrets of the Heart. Bryce was originally not going to ask Zaros for permission to Ariane about him, he was originally supposed to keep silent, but he scrapped that idea when he realized it was too much like the ending for his previous Runescape story, where he refuses to tell Ariane who he follows, after she asks him why he won't do what Guthix asks to which he had already replied he's following another god. He didn't want to get the It's the Same, Now It Sucks! effect.
    • He also played with the idea of him telling Ariane without getting permission first, and Zaros striking him in anger when he finds out what the World Guardian's done. He dropped that idea when he realized how OOC it would be for someone as unemotional as Zaros to be angry enough to hit him.
    • As of 2019, Nerd has quit Runescape altogether, as revealed in a DeviantArt post. He'd been working on a sequel Thieves In The Shadows which would've explained why a Zarosian World Guardian participated in Zamorak's quest to steal the Stone of Jas. It would've involved Bryce being forced into the heist after being tortured by Zamorak. He also planned to write some more stories that took place after The Light Within, Kindred Spirits, and Sliske's Endgame. The Post-The Light Within fic would've had Bryce angsting about Zaros backing up Seren, his sister/ lover over him. The Post-Kindred Spirits fic would've had Bryce resolving to become stronger after getting a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Sliske. It would've had Zaros training him. The Post-Endgame fic would've explored the possibility of him becoming Saradominist and the idea of a fallout between him and his Zarosian allies, and Saradomin personally teaching him a lightning-based attack that would've served as a homage to Chidori. Unfortunately, Nerd had lost all enthusiasm for the game thanks to his status as a pariah in the lore community due to his political views (even though he has kept his writing and opinions separate unlike many of his critics). The most tragic example of this, Thieves In The Shadows will forever remain a Dead Fic.
      • Made worse by the fact "Thieves" ended on a Cliffhanger
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    • Furthermore, Nerd had other non-canon ideas, like Bryce becoming a Dragon Rider to the King Black Dragon, in a story full of A Song of Ice and Fire references. Another story would've had Zaros clone his World Guardian so that in the case Bryce died, it wouldn't wreck his plans. There was also an AU Crossover with Classical Mythology that would've took place in a world where Bryce gave Zaros the light simulacrum in Fate Of The Gods and then he'd have to traverse through the World Gate to get the Golden Fleece to heal him.
    • Nerd was even ambitious enough to consider a crossover with The Adventures Of Jaina but he nixed the idea immediately when he realized his Darker and Edgier style wouldn't mix well with Alicia-Is-Purple's W.A.F.F. tone.

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