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  • Similarly Named Works: Famous Cash Cow Franchise gaming series Pokémon is called Pocket Monsters in Japan but the name was changed to avoid legal issues with this franchise.
  • What Could Have Been: There were several things about this series that could have been great, with a whole list of things that show so much promise.
    • There were also 3 play-sets - Monster Mountain, Haunted House, and Monster Pack. The Mountain and fold-out Mighty Max style Pack made it to retail stores but the Haunted House was either never produced or only had a short run.
    • The comic book actually had a nice start and could have made it to at least 12 issues before being killed off. Marvel's revision of the comic didn't help matters.
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    • There were at least 20 unreleased figures including 4 only available by purchasing certain products like the NES video game, going to certain restaurants, sending in 5$ for a grab-bag offer, and even going to local Raido & TV offers to obtain them.
    • The animated movie was suppose to launch a 15 episode television series to boost the sales of the toys but after Executive Meddling by Universal Studios who claimed the rights to certain 'monsters' (despite being open source legends, content, and from open source books and stories) the deal with the animation studio (who later went on to create Mighty Max instead) fell through.
    • There was also an attempt by a 3rd party company in 2004 to buy the rights from Morrison Group after the failed revival attempt was made with a re-release of Series 1; it was planned to have a whole new series of the figures including the unreleased creatures and some based on cryptids like the Flat Woods Monster, Grey aliens, Mongolian Death Worm, and the Giant Octopus.
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    • Although a 2006 relaunch occurred, it ended up never finishing as expected with a full recreation of all the Series 1 - 4 of the Monster figures, instead only launching a mix of the first two.
    • An attempted animation series from Australia and the United Kingdom called The Quest was made in an attempt to reboot the series with new material but after only 1 episode it got the boot, in fact it was also to run in the United States on Cartoon Network.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Monster in My Pocket Wiki.

  • Morrison Entertainment Group was headed by Joe Morrison and John Weems.
  • In 2003, Peak Entertainment in United Kingdom created a CGI animated series Monster in My Pocket: The Quest that changed the concept considerably. It dealt with monsters trapped in a "Tapestry of Terror" that was shredded in battle with the now-good Warlock and his evil brother, "Morlock". They looked identical save that where Warlock's hair and clothing was white, Morlock's was black. A few good monsters, including Vampiress and The Monster, side with Warlock and his young apprentice to recapture the monsters, including Vampiress' evil brother, Vampire. One addition to the series, according to its bible, was Mothman, which had previously not been represented. The series was intended for U.S. release on Cartoon Network, but it was never picked up but Similar to The Big Scream, the monsters are able to grow if they hear a "scream of fright."
    • The animated series never ran but was suppose to have 26 episodes before finally being put down for good, before it even ran! There was a list of episodes released to Cartoon Network and was slated for a 2004 release:
  • -The Quest for the Werewolf - episode was completed, features the opening story
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  • -The Quest for the Eye - episode was completed, features the introduction of the non-monster characters.
  • -Quest for the Behemoth's Pearl - episode was in post-production, unknown what it was about.
  • -The Quest for the Ghost - episode was never finished, animation was being completed.
  • -Baba Yaga's Revenge - episode was never finished, script was never completed.
    • This was a little over the original intended run in the animation market in the US when the first movie, The Big Scream, came out on Halloween in 1992.
    • The thing about the 2003 relaunch was a little disturbing, the characters that resembled humans were more Uncanny Valley then children's shows should allow.
    • The 2003 relaunch attempt actually had two episodes completed and 1 in post-production with the air date set to December, 25, 2004. Word came down that Cartoon Network just wasn't interested in shows like this (The Quest was to feature slightly more mature themes). The irony is that just a year later, the hit animation Ben10 would air on December 27, 2005.
  • On June, 2012 Rubicon bought distribution rights to the series and purchased additional rights to video game, game, and animation media.

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