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  • Dyeing for Your Art: Chris Pratt lost a good deal of weight and put on muscle to play Scott Hatteberg. After production wrapped, he regained weight to play the pudgy Andy on Parks and Recreation
  • Playing Against Type: Jonah Hill in a dramatic role, which earned him his first ever Oscar nomination.
  • Reality Subtext: Paul DePodesta's change of heart about how he was portrayed led to the composite character of Peter Brand being written in his place. Miller did note that DePodesta was still helpful with the production despite this.
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  • What Could Have Been: The movie began production with Steven Soderbergh directing and Demetri Martin in the Jonah Hill role. After Soderbergh turned in his first dailies, Sony found his part-scripted, part-documentary, part-animation (which had Bill James voicing himself, explaining the idea of Sabremetrics) approach unmarketable and he was fired after about a week of shooting. The production was shut down for a year while Aaron Sorkin was brought to do rewrites and after Bennett Miller was hired to direct, production finally restarted.

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