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Trivia / Love Never Dies

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  • Development Hell: The Broadway version was supposed to open November 2010, and was then pushed back to Spring 2011, then indefinitely.
  • Fake American: Most of the ensemble on the cast album and in the filmed version, due to the setting.
  • Genius Bonus: To those familiar with the 2004 movie or have heard his name mentioned briefly in a few performances of the musical, Christine's father was named 'Gustave', hence the name of her son.
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  • Saved from Development Hell: The project was first conceived in the late 1990s.
  • What Could Have Been
    • The original plan was to open the show in London, New York City, and Shanghai at the same time.
    • When the sequel was first announced in the late 1990s, novellist Frederick Forsyth worked on the story with Lloyd Webber, and his subsequent novel The Phantom of Manhattan is a giant What Could Have Been for the plot.
    • Webber had gotten halfway through writing the show when his cat jumped on his computer and erased it. He had to reconstruct the whole thing from memory, and doubts he got it the same.
    • At this point, the Broadway production is this, much as Andrew Lloyd Webber wants to see it happen and despite international productions and the North American tour seeing some success.


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