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  • Breakup Breakout: After Kyuss broke up, Josh Homme founded Queens of the Stone Age and had far more commercial success than Kyuss ever did.
  • Creative Differences: Bjork left the band because he and Homme began clashing over songwriting, and Homme had started refusing to play on his songs.
  • Creator Breakdown: After they disbanded, Josh apparently had one.
  • Development Hell: Welcome to Sky Valley was released over a year after it was initially finished, due to issues with the bands former label, Chameleon Records, shutting down during that time.
  • Name's the Same: What does Brant's family name remind you of?...
    • "Thong Song" isn't about ladies' undergarments. It's about a type of sandals popular in the Palm Desert.
  • The Red Stapler: Josh's Ovation Ultra GP guitar. Basically, some fans instantly went to eBay when they discovered what he was playing and managed to hike the prices of a guitar that was fairly unpopular up to insane heights. Now you're lucky if GP aficionados don't tear you apart for wanting "Josh Homme's guitar."

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