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Trivia / Kirsty MacColl

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  • Covered Up: She covered up Billy Bragg's "A New England"; Tracey Ullman covered up MacColl's "They Don't Know" (albeit Kirsty was heavily involved with that particular cover herself).
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Although the reissue of her debut album Desperate Character has dealt with one long-standing Keep Circulating The Tapes issue, there are still various B-sides from the first decade of her career that haven't re-appeared. Also in this category is the 1985 stopgap album Kirsty MacColl, an Updated Re-release of Desperate Character which included three new tracks, only two of which are now available.
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  • Misattributed Song: Kirsty never recorded the folk song known as "Tell Me Ma" or "Belle of Belfast City". The version commonly misattributed to her is by Sham Rock and the vocalist is Anne Barrett, who sounds nothing like her. Quite apart from the very diferent timbre and range of the two singers' voices, Kirsty did not have, nor ever sing with, an Irish accent.
  • Missing Episode: The follow-up to Desperate Character was supposed to be a synthpop album called Real, but Polydor dropped her without ever releasing it. About half the tracks have trickled out on various releases over the years, but the rest are still missing and are likely to remain that way due to rights issues.
  • Similarly Named Works: Her song "Terry" is unrelated to the 1960s hit by Twinkle (to whom she was often compared), though it may have been a Shout-Out.

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