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  • Better Export for You: Several of their albums have bonus tracks added in foreign markets:
    • "Emergency On Planet Earth"'s Japanese pressing has the inner sleeve pic as the front cover, which is what was originally intended.
    • Light Years (Live) on the US "Return Of The Space Cowboy".
    • Space Cowboy (Stoned Again Mix) on the Japanese "Return Of The Space Cowboy".
    • "Do You Know Where You're Coming From" and "Funktion" on the initial UK and Australian special editions of Travelling Without Moving. The later pressings just include "Funktion" and have a different back cover. The Australian edition also has a whole bonus disc of remixes.
    • "Deeper Underground" on the UK "Synkronized" and on the Japanese "A Funk Odyssey".
    • "Getinfunky" on the Japanese "Synkronized" and on the Australian bonus disc for the album. This has the distinction of noExportForYou in the band's home country of the UK, although it is merely an early instrumental demo of "Deeper Underground" as opposed to a new track in its own right.
    • "Time Won't Wait" on the UK, US and Japanese pressings of "Dynamite". It was supposed to be on all of them, but was subject to Executive Meddling.
    • "That's Not The Funk" on the Japanese "Rock Dust Light Star".
    • "Nice and Spicy" on the Japanese "Automaton".
  • Chart Displacement: Their sole Hot 100 entry was "Alright", which (despite being a fan favorite) is far less famous than "Virtual Insanity" and "Canned Heat".
  • Cut Song: "Do It Like We Used To Do" was on test pressings of A Funk Odyssey but was replaced by Love Foolosophy for the final release. However, it does still appear on several special editions, such as the Australian, Japanese and South African versions.
  • Executive Meddling: The 2002 album "A Funk Odyssey" was subject to this. It was originally going to be quite different:
    • Titled "2001: A Funk Odyssey" as it would have been released in 2001, and was going to sync up with 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    • Would have had "Do It Like We Used To Do" and three interlude tracks on it. Might also have included his soundtrack contribution "Everybody's Going To The Moon" and its intro track "Titan", which were constant fixtures of his setlist at the time. There were also three outtakes "Cannabliss", "Shoot The Moon" and "A Funk Odyssey" which would have been included had they been finished on time (they all were played live).
    • "Main Vein" had been intended as a duet with his girlfriend of the time, but as they broke up, the lyrics were changed to be about the failure of the relationship. It is the only song where the title phrase doesn't appear in the lyrics, indicating it might have been in the original.
    • Did not originally include "Love Foolosophy"; it was written when the label demanded another single.
    • Several tracks were edited down and "So Good to Feel Real" was changed to being a hidden track in keeping with trends at the time. The order was also changed to give prominence to the intended singles, which means that the b-side has a seemingly random flow to most of it.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The original vinyl version of "Emergency On Planet Earth" has an extended version of "If I Like It, I Do It" that has never been released anywhere else.
  • No Export for You : The Japanese single version of "The Kids" is an alternate, earlier recording to the version on "Return Of The Space Cowboy". The Japanese label wanted a new release to promote the band's tour and they quickly recorded "The Kids" which they had been playing on tour. Not satisfied with the original, it was decided to not release it in the UK.
    • "Getinfunky" (an early Deeper Underground) was released as a Synkronized bonus track in Japan and Australia but not released at all in the UK.
    • For reasons that remain unknown, the 2013 Deluxe Remastered Editions of the group's first three albums were only officially released in Poland, despite being official releases with liner notes by Jay Kay. You could get them on import, but the UK's only major high street music seller HMV did not generally stock them even when they were new, so they passed a lot of people by. This is a pity, as the remaster of The Return of the Space Cowboy was an improvement over the original, which had been mixed by Jay when he was very stoned (and consequently, said original mix has overpowering bass and almost no top end - with the remaster correcting these issues).
  • Promoted Fanboy: Nick Fyffe was in the process of applying to a Jamiroquai tribute band, when he got the offer to join Jamiroquai in place of Stuart Zender, the band's bass player for their first three albums, who left the band during the making of Synkronized.
  • Throw It In: According to Pop-Up Video, there was supposed to be a lot more blood coming out of the walls at the end of "Virtual Insanity." However, the pump broke, the crew got doused, and only a small trickle on one wall actually made it into the room. The director decided that looked better and kept it.
    • Jay Kay mentioned that Funktion was included on Travelling Without Moving as an unlisted bonus track for this reason. It was an improvised jam, not an actual song, and the band had a lot of fun making it, as can be heard from their occasional laughter.
  • What Could Have Been: If Jay Kay had been successful in becoming lead singer for the Brand New Heavies, who knows what musical history might have been made.
    • A Funk Odyssey was originally a longer, more experimental album that would have synced up to 2001: A Space Odyssey but wasn't finished by the time Sony made them make changes to it. "Feel So Good", "You Give Me Something", "Stop Don't Panic" and "Twenty Zero One" were all of extended length; "Main Vein" had no vocal track; "Do It Like We Used To Do" featured instead of "Love Foolosophy" (which hadn't been written yet), and the album featured three interludes to push it into pseudo-Concept Album territory.