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Trivia / Hellbound: Hellraiser II

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  • Banned in China: The film was banned in the Australian state of Queensland in 1989. In the years since, the bans has been lifted and the film has been seen on VHS, DVD and Bluray in that state.
  • Creator Breakdown: Director Tony Randel claims the dark tone of the movie reflected his own mindset on the world at the time.
  • The Other Darrin: The actress who played the Female Cenobite in Hellbound isn't the same one who played her in the original, but it's not very noticeable.
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  • Troubled Production: Production had to deal with initial funding boosts from New World Pictures drying up and their initial screenplay (which would have seen Frank return in a major role) thrown out after Andrew Robinson declined to reprise his role. Some minor incidents (including the actor who played the Chatterer being injured by one of the flying hooks during the climactic confrontation, and the MPAA once again forcing cuts) also occurred, but the film was once again a success, bringing in $12 million against a $3 million budget. New World's funding problems led the production to transfer to the Weinstein-owned Dimension Films.
  • What Could Have Been: In the original draft of the script, Kirsty's father Larry would have been found in Hell after all, trapped along with Frank. He would have had a Papa Wolf moment and saved his daughter from his brother, escaped from Hell along with Kirsty and Tiffany, and wound up coming Back from the Dead. Alas, Andrew Robinson decided not to return for the sequel.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Hellraiser Wiki.


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