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Awesome / Hellbound: Hellraiser II

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  • Kirsty disguising herself as Julia, allowing her to defeat Channard, who had just taken out the rest of the Cenobites, and saving Tiffany's life. Well played.
  • The Cenobites' first appearance after Tiffany solves the Configuration. Particularly Pinhead's, complete with (Un)holy Backlight.
  • After remembering their human lives and regaining their humanity, the Cenobites attempt to pull a You Shall Not Pass! on Cenobite Channard to give Kirsty and Tiffany a chance to run.
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  • Kirsty tricking Frank into thinking that she'll go along with his plan to become his Sex Slave, and then grabs a candle and sets the bed he made for her on fire.

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