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  • Follow the Leader: The Arrowcar, Arrowsignal, Arrowcave... it's no wonder Batman asks, "Did you ever have an original idea?"
    • The irony being that The Arrowcave predated the Batcave, first appearing in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941). The Batcave made its first appearance in Batman #12. (August 1942)
    • Gloriously lampshaded in a story in which another character discovers the abandoned Arrowcave under the former Queen mansion, and realizes that Oliver Queen must secretly be... Batman! Ultimately results in Ollie fighting the bad guys of the story in a Batman costume, complete with very visible beard.
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    • Taken to new lows in one Judd Winick issue of Green Arrow / Black Canary, where it is basically said that the only reason Oliver Queen adopted Roy Harper was to "keep up with the Joneses" after Bruce Wayne took in Dick Grayson. Also an example of a Critical Research Failure as Green Arrow was working with Speedy before Batman had Robin, according to JLA: Year One.
    • Mocked by Harley Quinn in the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic where she said that "arrows don't live in caves; they're inanimate objects, they don't live at all". She suggests he calls the place "The Quiver" instead, and Ollie ends up admitting that's a better name.
    • The tie-in comic for Young Justice states that in the show's continuity, Ollie did indeed decide to take on Speedy as a sidekick after seeing the positive reception Batman and Robin were getting. It's implied that Aquaman and Martian Manhunter took on Aqualad and Miss Martian for similar reasons.
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    • As mentioned in the Expy section, Emiko was very clearly inspired by Damian Wayne, to the point that she could arguably be called a Distaff Counterpart. During Ben Percy's run, her relationship with Oliver ends up greatly resembling that of Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, albeit if Kate was younger; Emiko's bratty behaviour being phased out by this point helps with that.
  • Name's the Same: In the Kingdom Come universe, Lian Harper adopts the superhero name Red Hood, a name shared with Jason Todd. Though since he isn't specifically said to exist in that universe, at least as Red Hood, and due to the highly different designs, it seems that sharing the name is purely coincidental. If anything, Lian based the name and costume on Little Red Riding Hood. Out-of-universe, this is confirmed to be the case through artist notes.


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