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Fridge Brilliance

  • Writer Mike Grell made Oliver Queen an Errol Flynn fanboy. While primarily a nod to Flynn's status as the most famous cinematic Robin Hood, it also informed much of the young Oliver Queen's canon backstory until that point. In real life, Flynn was an avid sailor and adventurer with an eye for the ladies even before he was discovered and got into acting. In most of his origin stories since The Longbow Hunters, Oliver Queen has also been portrayed as a womanizer and world-traveler with a love of boating in the days before he reformed and became Green Arrow.
  • Writer Andy Diggle did something similar in Green Arrow: Year One. In order to explain away how unlikely it was that an untrained billionaire could suddenly develop master survivalist skills with no prior training, Diggle tweaked Oliver Queen's background to make him an amateur extreme sports athlete who had gone on polar exploration trips and indulged in enough exotic travel that he was an experienced survivalist even before becoming shipwrecked.
    • Diggle also changed the marijuana farm on the island from Grell's reboot into a poppy farm. This further cemented Green Arrow's status as a modern-day Robin Hood, as Oliver Queen fought not only for a way home but for the freedom of the enslaved natives being forced to work the farm.

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