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Trivia / Eye Candy

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  • Genius Bonus: Every episode is named for an abbreviation of a common phrase, some specific to hacker culture.
    • K3U: I heart (love) you
    • BRB: Be Right Back
    • HBTU: Happy Birthday To You
    • YOLO: You Only Live Once
    • IRL: In Real Life (this is also the name of Sophia's club, where most of the ep takes place)
    • ICU: I See You - this refers to TFK watching Lindy through the hospital system; for a double bonus, Lindy is in the Critical Care Unit - also known as the Intensive Care Unit.
    • SOS: A standard distress signal
    • AMA: Ask Me Anything
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    • FYEO: For Your Eyes Only
    • A4U: All For Younote 

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