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  • Adaptation Displacement: Some fans were hopeful this might be the case with the TV show, to the book, given some of the additional details that were used to flesh out characters and scenarios in the show. However, the show debuted to relatively low ratings and was cancelled by MTV after only one season, making this an aversion.
  • Creator Killer: This failure pretty much ended Victoria Justice's TV acting career.
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  • Expy: For some viewers, Connor's resemblance to a possible grown-up Kurt Hummel is almost startling: a white gay man, sarcastic and trash-talking to the point of outright bitchy, always fashionably dressed, gossip-loving, and with a sassy black woman for a best friend.
  • Shout-Out: The legendary hacker turned cyber-terrorist Bubonic Plague from ep 5 "IRL" may be a tribute to the Angelina Jolie/Jonny Lee Miller movie Hackers: the Big Bad in that movie was named 'Plague'.
  • Squick: Several things in "ICU", from the open brain surgery to the clear indications that Lindy and Tommy are going to conduct a very illegal autopsy to get a kill switch out of Erika's stomach. Oh, and while George is talking them through it to help get their nerves up, a videotape of an actual autopsy is playing for visual guidance, too. Thankfully, Yeager manages to get an actual doctor on the scene in time.

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