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  • Creator's Favorite: Peter has continually expressed an affection for Aerynn Arlia.
  • Development Hell: Peter originally announced that "The Girl With Kaleidoscope Hair" would premiere in April 2012, but the date has gotten pushed back several times. In September 2015, he announced that he "canned" the story in favor of other ideas.
  • Milestone Celebration: During the 10th anniversary of Platypus Comix's parent site, animation fan community Toon Zone, Peter released an Electric Wonderland comic ("In the Zone") in which the NFP staff ends up in Toon Zone's domain while pursuing a thief.
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  • Revised Ending: "The Influencer" originally had a rather depressing ending, in which Aerynn reminds Sierra that Internet fame doesn't last forever.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Peter wanted Jesse Barboza to become the permanent artist, but Jesse turned the offer down.
    • Peter planned to gradually reveal Natasha's connections to Trawn, and how they got separated. However, he realized that in order to properly resolve "LuLo," he had to reunite Trawn and Natasha sooner. Thus, the readers learned about the connections much earlier than intended, leaving Peter to plan a flashback of her backstory for a later issue.
  • Word of God: After the release of "The New Adventures of the Nettropolis Narvel", Peter decided to assure readers, " have my promise that I won't ever throw the twist in that EVERYTHING in this series has been a Sim Life."

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