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  • Trawn enlisting Aerynn in the first comic.
  • "Team Trawn Redrawn" added one that didn't appear in the original version of issue #2. After NJ saves Aerynn, she asks if this means that he actually likes her. He denies it, but this denial makes him victim to a spell Aerynn cast to expose liars.
  • Moth-Grrl becoming Shroomy's friend in "Deviantaargh".
  • Aerynn's attempts to help Shroomy find a bright side to the end of her and Parker's relationship in "The Search For Parker".
  • Natasha assuring Trawn that she won't neglect her again in "LuLo" seems retroactively heartwarming after the flashbacks in "Wings" illustrated how close they were in college, and how far away they drifted after graduating.
    • "LuLo" also has the part where Trawn refuses to sue Lululu's impoverished parents, even though Lululu hit Trawn with her car.
  • Considering how sadistic Jodie acts for the rest of "The Time That People Forgot", her advice for NJ to disregard the results of aptitude tests seems a little heartwarming.
  • The piracy in "Shrooming With Shroomy" comes to an end after Nathaniel Wing licenses the unavailable media to a smaller distribution company. Nina Wing initially seems mad that her husband did this without asking her. Instead, she admires his assertiveness, and the two of them proceed to make out.
  • From "Into Thin Aerynn": After NJ brings Aerynn out of hiding, he grabs her to keep her from leaving again. NJ proceeds to assure Aerynn that Trawn has decided to continue trying to hide her from Natasha, so the two of them start to head back upstairs to see Trawn. Before they go, NJ asks Aerynn if they can have "one more", so they share a welcome back hug.

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