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Trivia / .hack//G.U.

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  • No Export for You: The one-episode sequel OVA, .hack//G.U. Returner, has not been localized officially and there is no indication it ever will be. It's a real shame, since it clears up a lot of confusion in the ending. The games also never saw a release in certain parts of the world. Though dependng on the events of Last Recode's Volume 4, it may end up being non-canon anyways.
  • The Other Darrin: The entire English cast changes between .hack//Roots and the G.U. series. Roots was dubbed by The Ocean Group in Canada while G.U. had dubbing done in California.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: All over the place; to the point where Transformers: War for Cybertron brought back at least half the voice cast.
    • At minimum, another half the cast has been in the .hack series before; a few examples are Bordeaux sharing a voice actor with Helba, Melo Grunty with Mistral, and Yata with anime!Sanjuro.
    • Amusingly, Yata's English actor, Steven Jay Blum, played Wiseman in IMOQ. Yata's player in G.U. is Wiseman from IMOQ, making him one of the few players from the original series to transfer both the same player and voice actor from R:1 to R:2.


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