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  • Haseo has two Let's Get Dangerous! moments with Skeith in volume 1 that both qualify as awesome for different reasons:
    • In the fight against Bordeaux in the Arena when Haseo first summons Skeith. Even though Haseo is driven mad with power, given how Bordeaux and her lackeys have been to Haseo before this, it can be somewhat satisfying to see their asses handed to them.
    • On the flip side, Haseo defeating Tarvos when Pi gets infected. Haseo is new to Avatars and doesn't quite understand them yet, but risks his own well-being to call Skeith and rescue Pi. Depending on how you've leveled up for the Arena, the fight can easily turn into a Curb-Stomp Battle in your favor against one of the former hardest bosses of the original IMOQ series.
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  • The four-way summons between Haseo, Kuhn, Endrance, and Atoli to call on Skeith during the finale of the PK Tournament. Haseo was too worn out to successfully summon his avatar alone. Cue his friends lending him their strength, and the four of them as one shouting the summoning catchphrase "I'M RIGHT HERE!"
  • The re-release on PlayStation 4 and PC.
    • Firstly, it's happening at all, considering the franchise has been largely stagnant for years.
    • Secondly, they didn't just (like Square Enix did with the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games) simply repackage the Japanese exclusive versions. No, they effectively updated The World R 2 to modern standards, with balance updates, new content and a brand new dub.
    • You check the opening menu... Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, then... the LE Terminal Disc from the original release. Yes, they even subverted All There in the Manual, by putting the Terminal Disc in as well!
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    • Reconnection's setting: The final days of The World. For the first time, you get to play on the days before the servers close.
  • All of Haseo's forms past 2nd certainly qualify, both for their looks and their part in Haseo's story:
    • 3rd Form: The Form you see Haseo in for the first moments of the games, a spiky, black and red armor that looks straight out of a death metal album.
    • Xth Form: A silver and white suit that comes equipped with twin pistols and the inbuilt ability to glide.
    • 5th Form: a black coat wearing form capable of equipping one single weapon: The 8 Phase Blade which aside from looking incredibly cool also gives Haseo access to 8 Skills based on the Epitaphs.


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