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  • Approval of God: The top-rated comment for "We Love the King Day" is the official Sid Meier's Civilization Youtube account.
  • The Cast Showoff: The Avatar: The Last Airbender video was primarily created both to test visual effects and show off Kyle's recent martial arts training.
  • The Danza: Most characters are named after their actors, when they're named at all.
  • Fandom Nod: When, after cleaning up the timeline (read: killing every time-traveling version of themselves they can find), Rachel asks who's responsible for the Sun still being gone, Kyle shrugs it off as anyone's guess. Which crew member being responsible for the sun's explosion is a favorite topic of the fandom's Epileptic Trees.
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  • Fan Nickname: Ikea AI for Dell Laptop, mainly because the character wasn't formally named until their 3rd or 4th appearence (depending on how one counts their Cameo in Chuck: Intersnect).
  • The Other Darrin: Jay Harper is played portrayed by Kyle in Counter/Intelligence: The Movie, and by Havon Baraka in Skyvault itself.

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