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Kyle bought a goat after the end of Dasi Board
  • He claims himself to sound like the second person to die in a horror movie
  • JP is the first
  • He appeared to be wanting to use the board himself, presumably he got it working, then a ghost killed him.

The Hobo is an immortal being struggling to understand the modern world
He refers to jobs as as a fad that are "on their way out". While it's true that he didn't actually have a job, anyone who would even use that as an excuse either is completely insane... or existed in a time long before wage work as we know it existed. That ancient age could also be why he's so socially inept. He simply doesn't understand the world today, and is unable to change to deal with it.
  • That's also why he's so obsessed with Jeffery (er, Le Bron). Jeffery is established as an immortal in other Door Monster videos, and the Hobo is either just having a hard time reaching out to someone so much younger than him, or is so old he can't actually put his finger on why he feels a connection with the man, and so just assumes that he needs money.
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  • This long-livedness also explains why he thought Jeffery could have milk that didn't go bad for two years. Such short spans of time mean nothing to him any more. Two years may as well be two weeks as far as an immortal of such an age would be concerned.

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