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    Cover Discography and Imported Tracks 

Much like its predecessor BanG Dream!, D4DJ boasts a large repertoire of cover songs from anime. However, it also contains original OST and songs exported from video games and other Japanese media, due to its DJ nature (being that DJs can utilise instrumentals and original tracks to create remixes/playlists as opposed to being limited to having to produce their own covers for use).

  • Multiple Languages, Same Voice Actor: The American-born Karin Kagami voices Maho Akashi in both the original Japanese recording and the English dub.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Kyoko (Aimi) and Saki (Risa Tsumugi) were also the leaders of their groups in BanG Dream!, though Kyoko and Saki seem to be on much better terms than Kasumi and CHU2.
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  • Troubled Production: While the international release of the Groovy Mix app was originally intended to be simply a language switch from the Japanese version, difficulties in licensing the large amounts of imported OSTs and cover tracks forced the developers to instead create a seperate app for international release, offering players who have been playing the Japanese release a chance to transfer their accounts at the loss of limited collaboration cards such as Monster Hunter and hololive in exchange for non-limited 4* selector tickets. This understandably caused a large amount of Hype Backlash from the player base.