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Trivia / Covenant

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The Band

  • Development Hell: Skyshaper was in the works for nearly two years before it was finally released. According to the band, they were so indecisive during it that they went through over 150 revisions of ONE song!
  • Name's the Same: The Norwegian metal group The Kovenant originally went by the name Covenant as well! Until they were sued by this band, anyway.

The Webcomic

  • Dear Negative Reader: Vuong isn't the least bit shy about calling out rude and/or bigoted commenters.
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  • Follow the Leader: "Badass Preachers who battle demons" isn't exactly a new concept. Not that that makes the comic any less entertaining.
  • I Knew It!: As Sunny had been repeatedly hinted to be more than a regular human, The Reveal in episode 13 that he had supernatural powers didn't come as a surprise to a lot of readers.
  • Line to God: Lysandra Vuong (the creator) has both a twitter and an instagram account.
  • Trolling Creator: As a response to a couple of particularly homophobic readers who expressed relief that the characters' sexualities weren't made obvious, Vuong posted this on her twitter account.
  • What Could Have Been: The concept art for Samson's team had Goliath wield a staff with a curved blade at the top as his weapon. In the comic proper he has no weapon and instead uses magic and Telekinesis to fight.
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  • Word Of God: According to Vuong, Ezra is Korean, Sunny is Vietnamese and Samson is (probably) white.