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YMMV / Covenant

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The Band

  • Broken Base: There's a large split between people who thought their first two albums were their best material, and others who thought they improved from Europa on.

The Webcomic

  • Acceptable Targets: Religious fanatics and bigots. A minor enemy in the story is the Great Church, an exorcist organisation mainly consisting of small-minded jerks who accuse Providence of being demon-worshippers solely because their way of practicing christianity is not conventional.
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  • Adorkable: Ezra is a lovable goofball. You'd be hard pressed to find a single reader who actually dislikes him.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Was Esther's murder of a demon in episode 10 really a reflexive reaction in self-defense, like she claims? A few episodes later, it's revealed that she hates Providence just as much as her fellow nun Adina and was just acting nice to weedle information out of them. Add to that the fact that she doesn't mention that little faux pas of hers at all when her and Adina report to Bishop Price and instead lets Adina put emphasis on the fact that they were rejected and dismissed by Providence. Furthermore, Bishop Price states that the notion of Providence being a Corrupt Church came from her. Is it possible she intentionally caused the mission to go poorly so Providence would slip up and give the Great Church the incentive they needed to take them down?
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  • Awesome Art: The art is amazingly detailed. Fight scenes and scenes in which magic is used look especially breathtaking.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Sunny having demonic powers. Several episodes before the reveal had heavily alluded to him being more than a normal human, with episode 3 ending on a shot with him made to look like he was sprouting horns. Add to that the numerous promo art that depicted him in a literally demonic way and yeah, there was basically nobody who didn't see it coming.
  • Epileptic Trees: After the official reveal of the Demon Lord, a lot of readers theorized she might be Sunny's older sister Lily, who was somehow turned into a demon and wanted to reunite with her brother. Their designs look somewhat similar and the fact that her death was handled a lot more ambiguous than her mother's seemed to lend credence to the theory. Come episode 29, revealing that the demons were actually after her, not Sunny when they attacked the Nguyen-family all those years ago, and the theory became pretty much mainstream. It was ultimately disproven in episode 45 and 46, which showed that Lily died shortly after being rescued from the demons and that Belial was indeed a separate character.
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  • Estrogen Brigade: Given how attractive the male characters in this series are, it's no wonder a majority of the fan-base is female.
  • Evil Is Sexy: If you don't mind some of their more eldritch traits, the demons can be quite attractive. Helped by the fact that they're naked in their true forms, giving the reader a good look at their toned, muscular bodies.
  • LGBT Fanbase: With the amount of Ship Tease going on between Ezra and Sunny, Samson having been confirmed lesbian and the overall genderfluidity of the characters, the comic has amassed it's fair share of LGBTQ+-readers and fans.
  • Love to Hate: Bishop Price and his lackeys Adina and Esther are slimy, bigoted assholes who look to destroy Providence for the crime of not operating exactly like them.
  • Magnificent Bitch: Esther, a nun of the Great Church. Assigned to Providence with her partner Adina to keep an eye out for signs they switched sides, she at first seems like the Token Good Teammate. However, she then causes a patrol to go belly-up when she kills a contracted demon against Samson's orders, which causes his victim to die as well, effectively tanking Providence' and the Great Church's relationship. When her and Adina return to the Great Church to report to Bishop Price, she lets Adina tell Blatant Lies about their time in Providence to incriminate them, then expresses disgust for their tattoos and smirks at the thought of them being vanquished.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Demons can disguise themselves as humans, with no way for an actual human to tell what they really are.
  • Squick: The scene in episode 13 in which Sunny digs his fingers into a demon's open, bleeding knife wound and then breaks his arm. And almost right after that, he stabs the demon through the hand and into his eye.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Unsurprisingly, a lot of readers were unsure whether Samson was a man or a woman at first, thanks to her butch appearance, haircut and name.
  • The Woobie:
    • Ezra. His family was killed by demons when he was only a small child and he suffers from huge self-esteem issues due to not being able to use his patron Gabriel's blessing that only worsen every time he fails to save a human. It's so bad he considers himself broken and thinks Gabriel should have chosen someone else.
    • Sunny. He's been followed and attacked by demons his whole life and his family was murdered by them when he was little, an event that still gives him nightmares. He doesn't get a break in the present either, as hell keeps sending Mooks after him that often beat him black and blue in their attempt to subdue him. It's pretty understandable that he keeps people at arms-length.