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  • Doing It for the Art:
    • By the time Titans reaches its release, it will have been in development for seven years following its successful 2013 Kickstarter. Considering they're an independent studio, they've spent that much time making the game as good as it can be, fleshing out the lore that pays homage to CoH while also putting in their own spin on the formula, and generally making the natural evolution of its gameplay mechanics, customization, and classes. Also, keep in mind that when they started, Missing Worlds Media consisted of members who had to balance this out with full-time jobs and work on a shoestring budget compared to the big boys. Titans has clearly been made as a labor of love from the original fans who wanted to bring something great back to life.
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    • They refuse to sign on with a publisher during development, despite the fact that it would make developing the game much easier with more resources. The main reason? They want to have full creative control of their game, and avoid Executive Meddling. Considering that its predecessor CoH was essentially screwed by its publisher NC Soft, it's probably better that way. While they do plan to have a publisher distribute the game, it won't be until after it's been largely completed to prevent them from making changes they don't want.
  • Dueling Games: Titans is competing with no less than three other independently-game MMOs that are being made to be the Spiritual Successor to City of HeroesValiance Online, Heroes and Villains, and Ship of Heroes. However, there is no animosity between them, and are in fact on friendly terms with each other.
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  • Promoted Fanboy: None of the developers of City of Heroes are on the team, instead Titans is being made by a team of people who were diehard fans of the original and wanted to fill the void left by Heroes' cancellation in 2012. The fact that the team is called "Missing Worlds Media" is a possible reference to this.
  • What Could Have Been: Missing Worlds Media attempted to negotiate a deal with NC Soft to release the IP of City of Heroes to the public, which would've allowed a partial revival with legacy servers and the use of CoH lore to be integrated in CoT and other successor projects. Alas, the deal ultimately didn't pan out.


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