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  • Just the fact that this game is being made. While the efforts to keep City of Heroes alive proved futile (not for a lack of trying), a group of diehard fans formed Missing Worlds Media to bring back something they loved that was taken from them, taken from a lot of people. These people had to balance out developing this game with full-time jobs when they started, and had to work with the budget from Kickstarter (see below) to start from scratch, having no help from any original CoH devs or major publishers. And they've still managed to find enough room to make an MMO on this scale, full of original ideas mixed with inspiration from the original game, to not only emulate what CoH created, but improve upon it.
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  • A shared one with the fans: When they first started out in 2013, they asked for $320,000 to begin. They ended up getting over double that.

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