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Trivia / Chroma Squad

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  • No Export for You: The game is unavailable in several countries, including Japan.
  • Reality Subtext: One of the e-mails you receive accuses you of stealing your former employer's ideas and threatens legal action against you if you don't pay tribute. This is a reference to a legal scuffle between the developers of this game and Saban Brands. However, the real life situation is reportedly much more friendly than the one depicted in the game.
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  • Schedule Slip: Lampshaded in their launch date announcement trailer, which includes the standard gaming press quotes expressing excitement for the game...including one that claims that Chroma Squad is "the most anticipated game of 2014".
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Subverted. Although Saban approached Behold Studios with royalty negotiations in mind, it was later revealed with the announcement of the game's release date that Saban became more open to the idea of the game being more of a homage to Power Rangers and its ilk, with a spokesperson for Saban describing it as, "a flattering tribute to MMPR".
  • What Could Have Been: The final stretch goal the Kickstarter campaign fell short of was a level editor. Subverted in that it eventually got released in February 2018.

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