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  • Dr. Mi Ah, the heroes' boss at the start of the game, is a caricature of Haim Saban, founder of Saban Brands (the owners of the Power Rangers franchise in America). Heck, his name is even "Haim" spelled backwards! He is depicted as overbearing, bossy, and unpleasant to work with (although the legal issues the developers had with Saban went over more amicably). He has since been renamed "Dr. Soap".
  • The concept of stuntmen becoming actors of a sentai show which starts out on a low budget is taken from the development of Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop, a.k.a. Cybercops.
    • At one point you actually receive an E-mail from them, discussing the What Could Have Been with the Venus Bit.
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  • During the tutorial, when the stuntmen express dissatisfaction and offer advice to Dr. Mi Ah, he retorts: "I never wanna hear you say 'I want it that way'!"
  • One of the craftable sets of mecha legs references Neon Genesis Evangelion (even name-dropping "EVA"). Its power, "Wonderwall", is a possible reference to the eponymous mechas' AT Fields. note 
  • One stage takes place at an anime convention, the entrance to which has statues of Mazinger Z and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai's Big One, as well as the Super Sentai logo on a banner in the convention center.
    • At the same convention, the support and scout talk about getting "Mikaka and Eden" action figures
  • Many craftable pieces of gear for your stuntmen reference different Super Sentai and Power Rangers teams, such as the Dekapistol and D-Magnum, and Super Mega Pirate helmet.
  • The description of the cardboard box notes that it's mainly used for mecha parts or to infiltrate military facilities.
  • After finishing an episode, one of the social media accounts that may comment on the show is "@MathieuMercier", who wonders why there are no dire monsters.
  • One of the companies that you can hire for marketing is a top-secret superhero organization named "ARMOR", lead by a man with two eyepatches. You'll also receive an angry email from "Spider Boy", who is rather upset about being passed over for your sentai team.
    • Meanwhile, the equivalent of The Avengers is known as the "Revengers", referring to Power Rangers theme performer Ron Wasserman's song of that name. The song was a modified version of a rejected theme for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!.
  • Most of the bosses are some kind of reference or expy. For example, Ironing Man is a living clothes iron, painted red and gold that can fly and shoot using hand propulsors.
  • After defeating a monster in one episode, the Lead will quip that they are "the heroes [the people] deserve, but not the ones they need right now".
  • The Final Boss Villain X declares Magneto's infamous Engrish line from the X-Men arcade game: "Welcome To Die!"
  • With his flashy wardrobe and overtly flamboyant demeanor, there's no denying that Lord Gaga is basically a gender-bent and villainous No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Lady Gaga.
    • After being defeated in the Season 4 Finale, Lord Gaga summons an angelic monster named Huengel. This monster is pretty much Brajira of the Messiah from Tensou Sentai Goseiger with a different color palette.
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  • One of the game's missions is a Whole Plot Reference to an episode of Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan in which Misa Arashiyama was captured.
  • If you beat the game and keep clicking after the credits, the narrator will get annoyed and ask "Do you think this is The Stanley Parable or something?"
  • The Sixth Ranger Tammy's name is but one letter away from spelling "Tommy", as in "Tommy Oliver".
    • Additionally, Her Stance System allows her to take on a Dragon Stance and a Tiger Stance, evoking Tommy's two most iconic power sets the Green and White ranger powers.
    • Her introduction also mimics Tommy's from the "Green with Evil" saga, where the lead villain sends them to the heroes' base to attack their mentor directly.
  • Another potential Sixth Ranger is a multi-part reference, almost entirely being based off of tokusatsu veteran Kenji Ohba and his career. His real name is Kanji Ahbo, and his civilian clothes are a Whole Costume Reference to his [1] brown leather jacket and white pants. His Night Driver costume looks like a [2] suit at first glance, especially with the motorcycle called "Cyclone." However the costume also features the black, beige and green color scheme of Battle Kenya from [3], along with two thick white stripes like Denji Blue from [4]. Both were played by Ohba. Finally Night Driver is likely a reference to [5], but also perhaps a joke about seniors driving.
  • The boss Colin's Bear does the exact same motions as his animation of origin.
  • One of the Steam Achievements is "With A Wild Bike and a Dive Kick", which asks you to beat the game with time travel and space trains.
  • The very first weird, excited email sending you a warning you get is from someone called Lynxara.
  • The final boss can use a wide variety of weapons. One of them, a gun that opens portals to summon additional reinforcements, looks just like a Portal Gun with the Serial Numbers Filed Off.
  • One of the Monsters is quite literally just Colin's Bear, a slightly obscure memetic animation reeking of Stylistic Suck due to its creator's irritation over his animation class teaching him basically nothing.

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