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Trivia / Blut aus Nord

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  • Creator Backlash: Vindsval is ambivalent about having his music classified as black metal due to the prevalence of nationalistic and Satanic gimmicks in the genre, but says that he's fine with the classification if it's understood to refer to a sound rather than an ethos.
  • Genre Adultery: 777 - Cosmosophy is a complete left-turn from the first two volumes of the trilogy, being much more melodic and containing mostly clean vocals. In fact, most of it has very little to do with Black Metal at all, and there's even a French spoken-word part on one track that resembles a Piss-Take Rap.
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  • He Also Did: Vindsval provided programmed drums for the album A Northern Meadow by the American post-metal band Pyramids, who frequently get compared to Blut Aus Nord.
  • Reclusive Artist: To an extent that it's debated by fans whether two of the band members, W. D. Feld and GhÖst, ever even existed or if they were just pseudonyms Vindsval was using for himself. Vindsval has given interviews and so on that explain his ideology to a certain extent, but he shares several traits of reclusiveness with other black metal creators such as not releasing most of his lyrics (Memoria vetusta I is the sole exception) and never performing live. That said, he does maintain an active presence on the band's Facebook page, using it for announcements and oftentimes posting new music that he's listening to, and he also runs the band's Bandcamp page. There also exist purported band photos showing three members, though in all cases these photos still completely obscure the band members' identities.
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  • What Could Have Been: Mo RT was originally set to be a double album.

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