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  • Edited for Syndication: When this series had aired on TBN, it received various cuts. While every episode got cuts for time, some episodes had been modernized with new soundtracks and the then current Bibleman logo. In addition, the two-part episode "Jesus Our Savior" was made into a three-parter, and the one-part episode "Shattering the Prince of Pride" was made into a two-parter.
  • Shout-Out: Numerous examples, especially in the early episodes.
    • In "Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience" (S1 E10), Luxor Spawndroth taunts Bibleman by sending him a live transmission from Scary Woods, filmed in the black-and-white Jitter Cam style of The Blair Witch Project. He even shouts "Josh! Josh, where are you?" and " so..scared!"
      • Later in the same episode, Spawndroth and Ludicrous are zapping "Germs of Disobedience" directly into Bibleman's brain, using what looks like an electric chair (complete with an electrified helmet, gag, and blindfold). Halfway through the scene, Ludicrous stops Spawndroth and exclaims, "Wait a minute, Boss! We forgot to wet the sponge!"
      • Spawndroth refers to his lab as his "supercalifutistic science laboratory".
        Ludicrous: Isn't there a song that goes something like that?
        Spawndroth: Yeah, but we can't mention it, or The Mouse will sue!
      • Ludicrous tries to nibble on Spawndroth's pet white rat at one point; Spawndroth admonishes him with "No, no, no! We don't gnaw on Pokey! We stroke him and pet him and love him, okay?"
      • Later, Spawndroth imitates Doctor Phil (talking with a southern drawl and calling himself "Dr. Free Man"). In the same scene, he maintains the accent while spoofing the "Box of Chocolates" speech from Forrest Gump (while sitting on a park bench, no less).
      • While fighting Ludicrous, Cipher gets his Laser Blade knocked away and prays for help. Ludicrous tells him, "Your prayers are useless, for it is I who am your father!" Cue multiple Big Nos from Cipher.
  • Talking To Himself: UNICE and LUCI have the same voice actress each time. So when they interact, it qualifies (even moreso in the live shows where there is only one set). The Wacky Protestor's actor also voices LUCI (and UNICE as well) in A Fight for the Faith and the live show version of A Light In The Darkness.