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  • Luxor's hysterical "unscripted" breakdown in Shattering The Prince of Pride. "We never win, Ludicrous! WE NEVER WIN!"
    • From that same episode, while Bibleman is battling Luxor, we get this exchange:
      Bibleman: You're finished before you start!
      Luxor: You've got to be kidding!
      Bibleman: I'm a man in spandex, do I LOOK like I'm kidding?
  • In The Fiendish Works Of Dr Fear, Bibleman and Dr. Fear try to insult each other while they spar — and notice the fourth wall.
    Bibleman: Hey, didn't you used to be another villain?
    Dr. Fear: Yes, but I'm trying something new.
    (Bibleman shrugs. They return to fighting.)
    Bibleman: (after dodging a blow) For a guy who just re-invented himself, you sure don't fight any better!
    Dr. Fear: Hey, you used to be on other shows, and no one's making fun of you!
    Bibleman: That's because those shows were on network. (Looks at camera.) This is home video.

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