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Trivia / Ashes of Love

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  • Completely Different Title: The series has two English titles, Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost and Ashes of Love. The first one is a translation of the Chinese title. The second (and more commonly used) one isn't.
  • Development Hell: Possibly; when the second season was first announced it was rumoured to air in 2020. Now it's been moved to 2021, and there's no other information available about it.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune:
    • Yang Zi (Jin Mi) and Deng Lun (Xu Feng) sing "天地无霜/Tiān Dì Wú Shuāng/Unparalleled in the World". Yang Zi also sings "情霜/Qíng Shuāng/Love Frost".
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    • Sa Dingding plays Immortal Yuan Ji and also sings the ending theme, "左手指月/Zuǒ Shǒu Zhǐ Yuè/Upwards to the Moon".
  • Star-Making Role: For all three of the main actors, especially Luo Yun Xi.


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