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Funny / Ashes of Love

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  • Jin Mi's naivety means she doesn't understand biology. So she mistakes a certain part of Xu Feng's anatomy for a tumour... and tries to cut it off.
  • Jin Mi accidentally pulls Xu Feng into the well. Then she hears people searching for him, so she kicks him back underwater as he tries to climb out.
  • Jin Mi takes away the books balancing a table. The table overbalances, and so do Jin Mi and Xu Feng. Dan Zhu walks in on them lying on the floor and gets the wrong impression.
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  • Xu Feng shows Jin Mi cabinets full of his trophies — the heads and body parts of monsters he's defeated. He thinks she's impressed by them. She's actually freaking out and imagining her own head on display.
    Xu Feng's thoughts: When she's looking at my great achievements, her eyes are shining with admiration.
    Jin Mi's thoughts: He is clearly warning me. Such a narrow-minded bird. How did I offend him? Why is he scaring me?
  • Jin Mi mistakes Xu Feng, a phoenix, for a crow. Later she thinks Run Yu, a dragon, is a fish. The first mistake is cleared up quickly, but she spends several episodes calling Run Yu a fish.
    Xu Feng: Lord Night Immortal, when did you decide to forgo being a dragon and become a fish instead?
    Run Yu: I heard that a while back, Fire Immortal became a crow. Me becoming a fish is nothing compared to that.


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