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Characters / Ashes of Love

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Main Characters

     Jin Mi (锦觅) 
Played by: Yang Zi

At the start of the series she believes she's just an ordinary grape spirit. She's actually a flower fairy and the daughter of the late Flower Immortal. Her mother gave her a magical pill to prevent her feeling romantic love, something that causes everyone a lot of trouble later.


     Xu Feng (旭凤) 
Played by: Deng Lun

Prince of the Heavenly Realm and the only child of Tu Yao and Tai Wei. Jin Mi rescues him and he agrees to take her back to the Heavenly Realm with him.

     Run Yu (润玉) 
Played by: Luo Yun Xi

Tai Wei's illegitimate son and Xu Feng's half-brother. Falls in love with Jin Mi. Tu Yao constantly suspects him of treachery, and drives him to rebel against Tai Wei.

     Sui He (穗禾) 
Played by: Wang Yi Fei

Princess of the Bird Tribe and Tu Yao's niece. Obsessed with Xu Feng and determined to marry him.

     Liu Ying (鎏英) 
Played by: Chen Yu Qi

Princess of the Demon Tribe. In love with Mu Ci.

     Qi Yuan (奇鸢) / Mu Ci (奇鸢) 
Played by: Zou Ting Wei
Click here  to see him without his mask

Liu Ying's former bodyguard. Reluctantly working for Tu Yao.


Heavenly Realm

     Tai Wei (太微) 
Played by: He Zhong Hua

The Heavenly Emperor, father of Run Yu and Xu Feng.

     Tu Yao (荼姚) 
Played by: Kathy Chow

The Heavenly Empress. Tai Wei's wife and Xu Feng's mother. She'll do anything to make sure her son gets the throne.

     Kuang Lu (邝露) 
Played by: Du Yu Chen

One of the few people in the Heaven Realm who's loyal to Run Yu.



     Su Li (簌离) 
Played by: Fan Mian Lin

Run Yu's mother.

  • Abusive Parents / Would Hurt a Child: She cut off Run Yu's horns when he was a child, and she doesn't treat her adopted children well either.
  • Break the Cutie: Tai Wei seduced and abandoned her, which had a bad effect on her sanity. Tu Yao kidnapped her son and massacred her tribe, which had an even worse effect.
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: She dies in Run Yu's arms.
  • Mood-Swinger: Swings between screaming in anger, smiling and almost crying in the space of a few minutes.

     Yan You (彦佑) 
Played by: Liao Jing Feng

Su Li's adopted son. Befriended Jin Mi before the series starts.


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