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Trivia / Ashes of the Past

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  • He Also Did: Saphroneth also writes for The Infinite Loops.
  • In Memoriam: Chapter 256 has a Johto contest rival for May that is a tribute to the author's grandmother, who had passed away only recently.
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • Chapter 100 contained the entirety of the 5th movie adaptation, when major events are normally split into multiple chapters.
    • Chapter 150 features purely secondary characters and none of the main characters, dubbed as "Ashes Nowhere to be Seen"
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    • Chapter 151 has an appearance by Mew, which is the 151st Pokémon in the Pokédex.
    • Chapter 200 is focused on various legendaries, including the early appearance of Manaphy.
    • Chapter 250 contained the entirety of the 10th movie adaptation, much like Chapter 100 with the 5th movie.
    • Chapter 300 has Ash's battle with Volkner, an Electric-type gym leader and the final Sinnoh gym.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: There have been some suggestions from his Spacebattles readers that made it into the story. One example is Ash's Honedge. It had been considered a new OC Pokémon to add to the cast, but it was a reader that suggested it would come from a ceremonial sword Ash had received prior, considering the physics-defying stunts Ash pulled off with it.
  • What Could Have Been: There are a lot of major and minor examples of plans changing either before or during the writing of a chapter, often due to either the situation working better in a different way, or fan-input on opinions. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Team Flare was planned to be connected to Cyrus' plot. Dropped after Team Flare made an appearance in the anime.
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    • Zinnia was considered to make an appearance in the Destiny Deoxys adaptation, as foreshadowing the Delta Episode.
    • An early version of the N buying Pokéballs scene had him purchasing a Master Ball, but readers on the Spacebattles forum objected to it, stating that N shouldn't have gotten a Master Ball from a normal shop, even if he did have the money to afford one.
    • Zoey wasn't going to be one of the "remindable", due to the author's lack of knowledge regarding the character. He quickly pulled a Author's Saving Throw after being told by the readers on the forums how a major part Zoey was in Dawn's character development.
    • The human that became Ash's Honedge was originally named Kelly Burns, but Kelly was considered a bit to Anachronistic a name for a female knight that lived centuries ago. The reason Kelly was originally picked that it would be a rather ordinary name for a legendary weapon.
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  • Write What You Know: The author has geology knowledge, so he tends to write that in geologic matters come up in story. Ironically, in regards to this being a Pokémon fic about Cyrus causing the End of the World, the author never did watch the Diamond and Pearl series.