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Tearjerker / Miracle on 34th Street

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  • In the original version, Kris has been tricked into the taxi going to Bellevue by Sawyer. He asks if Doris knows about this. Sawyer says that "yes, we all discussed it." Kris stops struggling, obviously depressed. It takes hours for Fred to show up, so that was hours that Kris sat all alone thinking that Doris had betrayed him after humoring him like any other old man.
    • In the book adaptation (unlike in the movie), Kris doesn't deliberately fail his exam at Bellevue: he simply loses his will to fight, and barely makes any effort to answer the questions, mumbling whatever comes to mind in a lifeless voice.
  • The 1994 remake has him arrested and the scene of him sitting alone in his room at the mental ward, sighing in shame, just breaks your heart.
    • The orderly walking by and seeing this looks like he's about to burst into tears.

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