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Tearjerker / About Schmidt

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The former actuary who has money and a big house...and yet has nothing.
  • Warren coming to realize he loves his wife... after she dies.
  • Warren coming home from an utterly routine chore to find his wife dead on the floor is a Gut Punch.
  • There is the infamous end scene. Coming to the conclusion that his life has no meaning left and that nobody needs him anymore, Warren returns home waiting to die of old age. And by his own calculations, he has 9 years left which even to him isn't quick enough. He finds mail which has been piling up since he left on his road trip, with one letter from his foster child care taker. The child cannot read or write, but finds much strength in the letters he receives from Warren. Included is a drawing Ndungu made, portraying him and Warren hand in hand. Schmidt finally breaks down in tears, knowing that there is at least one person out there whom he made a difference to.

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