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YMMV / About Schmidt

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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Or rather "Best Known for the Fan Disservice" as it is. Bring this movie up in conversation and the first thing anyone remembers is Kathy Bates doffing her robe.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Warren's job is about figuring out how long people have to live, and he's depressed because using his skills, he knows how long he has left, give or take a few months.
  • Informed Flaw: Randall is dim-witted. But he’s also very kind, sweet, and caring. He clearly loves Jeannie too. This is somewhat justified though as most of the negatives we hear about Randall come from Warren.
  • It's All About Me
    • Warren writes letters lamenting his horrible life to Ndugu who likely spends ever day just hoping for enough food and some clean water. When you take a step back and look at it Warren's life would be the envy of most of the world, including Americans. He's had a successful career and a decent retirement to look forward to. His wife had an infidelity he didn't know about decades before, and she annoys the heck out of him. But she clearly cares about him and takes care of him in a traditional manner. He's not close with his daughter, but they're not estranged either and they came out of two very stressful events (wife's death and wedding) with their relationship more or less in tact.
  • Not So Different
    • Maybe Randall is a "loser" in Warren's eyes, but there is absolutely no suggestion that Randall has ever been abusive toward Jeannie, and they seem to be genuinely happy together. It's not like Warren's career path as an insurance actuary makes him any better than a waterbed salesman. Jeannie even tells Warren off about never even bothering to see how her life was doing before her decision to marry Randall, and Warren's presence at her wedding is a mere formality.

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