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Tear Jerker / Wheel of Fortune

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  • These three tributes:
    • Jack Clark on September 6, 1988.
    • Wardrobe manager Alan Mills on February 16, 2009 with Pat's voice breaking near the end.
    • Charlie O'Donnell on November 5, 2010 note  where Pat's visibly on the brink of crying.
  • A contestant named David White competed on the episode that aired September 27, 1988, winning $48,200 in cash and prizes. However, he was killed in a motorcycle accident only five days before the episode aired.
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  • The Round 2 puzzle on November 2, 1992 was VANNA'S PREGNANT. After the puzzle was solved, Merv came on stage and surprised her with balloons and best wishes. Tragically, Vanna miscarried before the episode could air and the puzzle had to be edited out.


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