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  • During the May 2003 College Week, a contestant named Sarah said that her mom and dad met on a trip that her mom purchased during her Wheel appearance in 1977, adding that she literally would not have existed if not for Wheel.
  • Michelle Loewenstein crying tears of joy with her husband after she won the $1,000,000.
  • On an episode of Military Spouses Week (February 2012), Pat and Vanna surprise contestant Maryanne by reuniting her with her husband upon his return from Afghanistan.
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  • December 28, 1981: Pat Sajak opens his first show with a classy tribute to Chuck Woolery.
  • In some of the closing segments, Pat and/or Vanna do "Wheel Changes Lives", a special segment where they show how a prior contestant has used their winning for good (donating to charity, for instance). Many of the "Wheel Changes Lives" segments can fall right into this trope.
  • July 1997 (Australia): Adriana Xenides returns to the puzzleboard after an eight month absence due to illness.
  • This essay written by Pat in November 2013 on how much he's enjoyed hosting the show and changing people's lives with it.
  • During Halloween Weeks, Pat and Vanna giving candy to trick-or-treaters during the closing segments and the credits.
  • At the end of Vanna's first full episode as host, the winning contestant starts to cry tears of joy as her Bonus Round letters fill in nearly the entire puzzle. Vanna says, "I think I'm gonna cry" before the contestant solves and is hugged by her two daughters.


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