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  • During the May 2003 College Week, a contestant named Sarah said that her mom and dad met on a trip that her mom purchased during her Wheel appearance in 1977, adding that she literally would not have existed if not for Wheel.
  • Michelle Loewenstein crying tears of joy with her husband after she won the $1,000,000.
  • On an episode of Military Spouses Week (February 2012), Pat and Vanna surprise contestant Maryanne by reuniting her with her husband upon his return from Afghanistan.
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  • December 28, 1981: Pat Sajak opens his first show with a classy tribute to Chuck Woolery.
  • In some of the closing segments, Pat and/or Vanna do "Wheel Changes Lives", a special segment where they show how a prior contestant has used their winning for good (donating to charity, for instance). Many of the "Wheel Changes Lives" segments can fall right into this trope.
  • July 1997 (Australia): Adriana Xenides returns to the puzzleboard after an eight month absence due to illness.
  • This essay written by Pat in November 2013 on how much he's enjoyed hosting the show and changing people's lives with it.
  • During Halloween Weeks, Pat and Vanna giving candy to trick-or-treaters during the closing segments and the credits.


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