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Drinking Game / Wheel of Fortune

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  • Take a shot if the answer is blindingly obvious and the contestant still hasn't solved, unless it's obvious they need more money.
  • Two shots if the bonus round contestant calls out dumb letters like "Q" or "Z," unless they're actually in the puzzle.
  • Two shots every time somebody calls a letter that's already been called, or a vowel after spinning. Four if it's both.
    • Bonus shot if the letter is one that's already in the puzzle. (That's five if they spin and call a vowel that's already in the puzzle.)
  • Two drinks if the bonus round puzzle doesn't contain any of RSTLNE.
    • Three if not only that, but it doesn't contain any of the letters the contestant calls.
      • Just chug if the contestant keeps calling out bonus round answers that obviously can't be the answer because, say, they have an "E" in them, but it was revealed in the RSTLNE call that there were no "E"s in the puzzle.
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  • Take a shot if a contestant calls CDMA in the Bonus Round.
  • Take a shot if Pat says, "We're getting there." at some point in a round.
  • Take a shot anytime Pat expresses puzzlement over a contestant's occupation.
  • Take a shot if the Round 2 category is Before & After. Take two shots if it's any other category.
  • Take a shot if a Crossword puzzle is solved for the house minimum.
  • If it's a team episode, take a shot of any puzzle is solved for the house minimum. Two shots if a team solves only the $1,000 Toss-Up only to get bumped to $2,000 at the end of the game.
  • Take a shot if a contestant calls a vowel after landing on Free Play.
  • Take two shots anytime a contestant buys a vowel apparently simply because they can.
  • Take a shot anytime a contestant calls an answer that clearly can't fit into the letters or number of letters shown.
  • Take a shot if someone loses $10,000+ to Bankrupt.
    • Two shots if it's the $10,000 Mystery Wedge.
  • Take a drink if the origins of a Song Title, Song Lyrics, or Song/Artist puzzle date earlier than 1990. Two drinks if it's a Bruce Springsteen song.
    • Chug if a struggling contestant solves the puzzle incorrectly or calls a wrong letter with only one letter missing.
  • Take a shot if a contestant wins because they solved the Prize Puzzle.
  • Take a shot if Pat's Final Spin lands on $5,000. A second shot if he does this after at least one contestant has spun in the round.
  • If watching a pre-1998 episode, take a shot if Pat's Final Spin lands on a penalty wedge or a prize.
  • Take a shot if the Bonus Round is played for the cash minimum (currently $37,000) or a car of equal or lesser value.
    • Two shots if the prize is higher and the Bonus Round is lost.
  • Take one shot for every instance of one of the following letters that appears in the Bonus Round puzzle: J, K, Q, V, W, Z
  • Down the whole drink if Pat says "[puzzle] was my nickname in high school."
  • Take a drink if the prize copy for a trip starts with the word "Discover."
  • Take a full drink if your local station pre-empts Wheel, but does not pre-empt the same day's Jeopardy!.
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  • Take a drink if the Prize Puzzle has some form of the word VIBE in it.


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