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Tear Jerker / The Time Machine (1960)

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  • David Filby's ultimate fate. It's made even worse in a short film done for a DVD release of the movie in which an older George returns and meets Filby right before he leaves for the front. He tries to warn him, expecting to be disbelieved. Filby does believe him... and he goes anyway.
  • James Filby's fate. In the space of five minutes, George watched his best friend's infant son grow into a young man with a lot of promise, then become an old man who likely died along with everyone else when London is hit by a nuke. And it goes From Bad to Worse when Weena's comment causes him realise that Filby's warning to "Hide until the all clear" has become twisted into the means in which the Morlocks have conditioned the Eloi to walk blissfully to the slaughter.
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  • George's Heroic BSoD. He starts by checking out the books on a shelf, which crumble on his grip. He starts with a dead calm "Yes, they do tell me all about you" (the Eloi being Brainless Beauties) and then goes into a screaming tirade at the Eloi about how their world is horrible (from his point of view) and how he would prefer to go back in time and die alongside the rest of humanity "who are MEN! MEN who THINK! MEN who HAVE LIVED BETTER LIVES THAN YOU!".
  • Weena and George getting separated when the Morlocks ambush the latter towards the end of the movie. Sure, they do reunite again at the end, but it's quite agonizing to see Weena's and George's really anguished expressions when they get separated by a single steel door, especially after having just survived and escaped the Morlock's lair.

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