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Heartwarming / The Time Machine (1960)

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  • Bridewell pausing before he and the others leave to seriously ask George if he's alright. Up until that moment it seemed that the only other real friend George had out of the group was Filby. It was a small moment, but nice touch.
  • Filby's undying loyalty to his friend George, protecting his legacy even when he's long time gone, expecting he would come back some day. This is fondly remembered by his son.
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  • "One cannot choose but wonder. You see, he has all the time in the world."
  • The fatherly caring and love that George shows for Weena almost as soon as he meets her. He saves her life, talks to her, shows her how to write her name, builds a fire to keep her warm... there's a lot of adorable moments between the two scattered through the movie


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