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Tear Jerker / The Little Prince (2015)

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“One runs the risk of weeping a little, if one lets himself be tamed.”

  • The song "Equation" and the montage it accompanies, being the Mother micromanaging the Girl's study after discovering that she's been spending time with the Aviator instead.
  • How the Girl's father left her and her mother. He worked away from home more and more until she stopped seeing him entirely. It's implied that the only contact he's had with her over the years has been sending her skyscraper snow globes as gifts.
    • It's implied during a conversation between the Mother and the Girl that before the father "disappeared", the Mother used to be more caring and understanding before she became the uptight helicopter parent she is today. The look on her face when the girl somberly wonders "How long until you disappear too?" is a heartbroken one.
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  • The expression on the Mother's face when she and the Girl see the Aviator get taken to the hospital. You can see almost see her realizing that she may have made the wrong decision.
  • The entire scene with the Mom and daughter coming home to find the ambulance at the Aviator's house. There's something about the stripped-down version of Equation that kicks in, and it becomes apparent there's something throughout the song that resembles that of a ticking clock.
  • The way the Mother almost knocks on the Girl's bedroom door after the Aviator is taken to the hospital. She wants to comfort her daughter, but in her hesitation you can see how she's worried she doesn't know how.
  • The reveal that somehow, the titular Prince never truly died, but lived on to grow up into "Mr. Prince", a janitor working for the Businessman who has no memory of the care-free young Prince he was.

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