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Fridge / The Little Prince (2015)

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"What is invisible is essential to the eye."
Hold on, that wasn't quite right...

  • The film has various "unseen" references to the book, including:
    • In the film's third act, the little girl finds the plane fixed and finally meets the little prince, but found he has grown up and is now an adult working on the rooftop of the business man's buildings. Why have him on the roof instead of in one of the thousand cubicles, which would probably better show he's become "just another grown-up"? It's a reference to the book where he used to clean out the volcanoes of his planet, although the volcanoes weren't mentioned in the film.
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    • The plush fox and the girl's attachment to it becomes a big part of the movie. It's both a symbol of her relationship with the Aviator and a reference to the railway switch man chapter (which was also left out in the film):
    “Only the children know what they're looking for,” said the little prince. “They spend their time on a rag doll and it becomes very important, and if it's taken away, they cry."
  • Something you might not notice the first time watching is that Mr. Prince skirts virtually all of the little girl's questions, (technically including the very first one: "Are you okay?" (which is also a mirror of her first meeting the old aviator)).
  • The way the Little Girl imagines that one of her skyscraper snow globes is lit up and full of people working demonstrates how imaginative she really is, foreshadowing her fantastical dream (or is it?) in the third act.

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