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Tear Jerker / The Grudge

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  • Karen mourning Doug at the end of the first movie, after having to watch him die at Kayako's hands.
  • The scene in the second movie where Aubrey goes to Karen and Doug's apartment the day after witnessing Karen's death. Aubrey glances around the apartment, eventually looks over Karen's collection of framed photos, and breaks down sobbing as her sister's death suddenly hits her.
  • Aubrey's death is very sad, especially when combined with the soundtrack. There's also the tragic implication that she is hearing Toshio being killed.
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  • Max's reaction when he finds out that, while possessed, he killed Naoko. After the possession wears off, the poor guy just looks so broken and confused... then the realization just suddenly hits him and he starts sobbing on the floor. And then he dies.
  • Kayako and Toshio's entire situation. They were brutally murdered by someone they should have been able to trust, causing them both to turn into puppets of a deadly curse, driven only by rage, vengeance and the need to propagate more victims into the curse's service. The same extends to the other victims claimed by the curse, as well. There is no known way for them to be able to pass on peacefully and finally be free, either... as Naoko's ritual at the end of The Grudge 3 doesn't end the curse and only succeeds in trapping Kayako inside Rose's body.
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  • Jake begging Lacey to Please Wake Up after finding her unmoving, head dunked in the bathtub.
  • The Grudge 3 is one long Trauma Conga Line for Lisa and Rose. First they have to deal with strange, creepy incidents happening in their apartment building. Then Rose's babysitter, Gretchen, dies a horrible, violent death. Then their caring older brother, Max, becomes possessed by Takeo, terrifying both girls with his behavior. Then Lisa discovers her boyfriend's body in the Kimbles' old apartment, having been claimed by the curse. Then Rose manages to save Lisa by taking part in Naoko's blood ritual. Then, when Kayako disappears, Max comes back to his senses, and when it all seems like they all might be able to get out alive, it turns out that possessed-Max killing Naoko started a new curse when the latter's ghost shows up and kills him, leaving poor Lisa to discover the body. Then, to top it all off, it turns out that Rose's actions came at the cost of having Kayako sealed inside her body. Ouch.

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