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  • Fridge Horror: The revelation that everyone who steps into the house is soon to be doomed. Meaning all the background police officers, paramedics, and fire fighters seen or mentioned to have been in the house are likely dead.
    • The unused, extended ending for The Grudge 2 features Mrs. Davies dying violently after the curse travels all the way to her (presumably via Kayako's journal). If this ends up becoming canon, then this means the curse is not only spreading throughout Tokyo and Chicago, but California as well...
  • The curse spreading like A plague Across Tokyo and America In the sequels,especially Infecting the school, Aubrey and Eason's apartments,and presumably the middle of Tokyo. Think about It, the curse started out as just a domestic problem which only killed people when they had the nerve, curiosity and stupidity to enter the residence In the first place, although since Karen accidentally unleashed the curse on the world when she tried to kill the curse off once and for all by burning down the house, the curse now spreads like The Virus across the world killing Innocent people indiscriminately, which Implies that the human race Is royally screwed since whoever comes Into contact with someone Infected by the curse Is screwed and there Is no known way to stop It so Its just a waiting game when you let all that information sink in to your mind, also since the curse followed Allison to America who Is to say Alot of the world underneath the sky Isn't Already Infected by the curse as we speak, there Is also the problematic Implications of the curse turning Its victims Into slaves Allowing the curse to consume their further victims which may soon lead to a worldwide pandemic of Apocalyptic proportions and there Is nothing anybody can do to stop It
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  • Dealing with Kayako, an unstoppable psychopathic ghost of A malevolent curse Is terrifying, Although Imagine trying to stop the curse with a ritual and now becoming the monster your determined to stop as Naoko becomes an Onryo herself which now Implies the human race have to deal with two Evil undead monsters determined to kill humans for no logical reason other than to kill.
  • Kayako possesses the power of shapeshifting Into normal And Innocent looking human beings which leads to serious Paranoia Fuel since you will never tell who Is on your side or Kayako's side again, they could be your girlfriend, your family, your friends, everyone.
  • Just how much control the victims have after being turned. The movies themselves are ambiguous Takeo is clearly stuck in a loop reliving the events of his crime, but Kayako is clearly acting with some agency and malevolence. It begs the question if those turned by it victims?
    • Furthermore, for extra fridge horror. If it is totally the curse then the victims have a horrible fate of being stuck between life and death doomed to murder their loved ones in an uncontrollable rage.
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  • Fridge Logic: In the Grudge 2, Ms. Dale went to the house and was killed and turned by the curse. However, Allison later encounters her in human form. However, their is no indication that Ms. Dale was absent from school when Allison went to see her. I.e her office was unlocked, their wasn't a note saying she was missing and she was clearly working when Allison entered. Does this mean that Ghost!Dale assumed a human form and went to work post mortem the off chance Allison would come in?

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